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Teaching young professionals how to build wealth so they can become financially successful​

Sandy Yong has been inspiring and motivating young professionals to take charge of their financial future. Through her enthusiasm and humour, her powerful talks have encouraged and helped countless of female millennials as they embark on their journey towards financial success.

In Sandy Yong's TEDx Talk, she opens up about her raw and emotional childhood experiences surrounding money and mental health. These experiences influenced her to embark on a journey towards achieving financial independence. She shares the importance of taking control of your financial future, building sound money habits and creating a vision board to help you achieve your dreams. 

Sandy has made guest appearances on TV including Global News and CTV News to discuss various personal finance topics impacting Canadians while sharing her experience and expertise.

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About Sandy Yong

Sandy Yong is a self-directed investor who successfully generated a 6-figure investment portfolio and owns several rental properties. As a Keynote Speaker, she teaches female millennials how to invest in the stock market and real estate. With her award-winning book,

The Money Master, Sandy has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including Forbes, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and NBC News. Most recently, she's been named Top 10 From The Past 10 from the Ted Rogers School of Management. Sandy was also a TEDx Speaker at the TEDxRyersonU Conference. 


Here are some organizations I have spoken at: 

Aerotek  | How to Become a Money Master

Amica On The Avenue  | How To Invest Like Warren Buffett

Canadian Freelance Guild | Experts Panel on Tax Time 2024

Canada Life | Financial Well-Being Week 

Canadian Financial Summit | How To Set Up and Manage a Side Hustle

Empowered Futures  | Youth's Declassified Adulthood Survival Guide

FemPeak | How to Start Investing in Stocks

Financial Phoenix Rising Interview w/ Sandy Yong

FinConX FinConX Breakout Session Speakers 

Inspire By Example Reaching Success in Canada

Institute of Business Administration - University of the Punjab Lahore | How to Invest Safely During a Pandemic

Raising Generational Wealth Summit |  Demystifying Investing: A Beginner's Guide

TD Direct Investing Webinar: How To Start Investing on a Budget

Ted Rogers School of Management Alumni Achievement Awards

TEDxRyersonU Conference Becoming Financially Independent

Women Can Money | Virtual Summit on May 11-13, 2022

York Region Presidents' Council | General Assembly: Personal Finance

Past Speaking Engagements

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Sandy's Talks
Keynote Speech
Mastering Your Money

The topic of money makes many people feel anxious and overwhelmed. And they often manage their finances based on these emotions, not confidence and knowledge.  That's where the award-winning author and personal finance expert, Sandy Yong can help you take charge of your financial situation.


Drawing from more than a decade of experience and knowledge, Sandy will share her lessons on:

  • why creating multiple streams of income is key to your financial success

  • how to protect your wealth using three simple strategies

  • what you can do to leave a legacy 


Sandy will help transform your outlook on money to think like a wealthy person. This entertaining and engaging presentation is a must-listen for young professionals who want to build their own wealth so they can live the lifestyle they deserve.


This in-person or virtual keynote can be tailored to corporations, associations and educational institutions.

Become a Money Master 

The rising cost of living in Canada has made it challenging to balance our daily money decisions while building a nest egg. 


In this workshop, the award-winning author of The Money Master, Sandy Yong will outline a step-by-step action plan you can take to build your wealth in a post-pandemic world. Sandy will equip you with the tools you need to learn how to take control of your financial future.


The audience will learn how to:

- gain confidence to manage their money wisely

- build wealthy money habits to set themselves up for success

- create actionable financial goals 

- make your money grow and stay safe


This interactive presentation is 45 minutes long, plus Q&A, and includes a worksheet for the audience to fill out.

Sandy Yong Panel Session
Sandy Yong TEDxRyersonU Conference
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Sandy was a featured expert for a financial well-being campaign our employee well-being team coordinated during Financial Literacy Month, and her content was a great success.  Sandy is easy to work with – professional, knowledgeable, & organized – and she delivered on what she promised brilliantly and ahead of schedule. 


— Annastasia Lambert, Manager Employee Well-being &

Disability Management at Canada Life

Sandy gave a wonderful TEDx Talk and it was a pleasure getting to work alongside her to curate memorable content for our delegates! I appreciate her time and efforts as she worked hard to make her content relatable to our audience. She has such a strong work ethic and is always open to feedback, which ultimately sets her up for success. On behalf of TEDxRyersonU, we thank you for giving back to the community!


- Samar Jeddi, Chair of Conference at TEDxRyersonU

I had the opportunity to watch Sandy share her TEDx Talk “Becoming Financially Independent” during the 2021/22 TEDxRyersonU Conference. Tackling such an important topic, Sandy made taking charge of one’s own finances an interesting and insightful discussion. Personal finances have been a topic that felt so daunting to me, however, Sandy has made it something that I believe I can manage! Her amazing advice and earnestness have inspired me to take charge and start my own journey in becoming financially independent.


— Rachel Kim, VP of Program Development, TEDxRyersonU

Sandy was the utmost professional to deal with as a speaker.  She was always prompt with her communication and made coordinating her talk very easy.  Sandy's interview at this year's summit was highly relevant to Canadian women and their finances. She shared many actionable steps the audience could take to feel more in control of their money.  It is no surprise that Sandy’s session proved to be one of the most popular at the summit. I would not hesitate to work with Sandy again in the future.

— Maria Smith, Founder, Women Can Money Summit

I cannot rave enough about Sandy’s presentation to my corporate office. Her expertise & knowledge of the financial market is unparalleled and she took the time to tailor a presentation to the demographics of my team. She has a very direct approach, but she makes the content very digestible & interactive. Because of her, my team walked away with a wealth of knowledge and some solid action items to capitalize on their year! We will be having her back for more discussions on specific topics, she is a fabulous speaker & resource to any team looking to achieve their personal financial goals!

— Daniella Izzo, Aerotek

Sandy gave an incredible talk at our event which aimed to help youth from underserved communities transition successfully into independent adulthood. She made the daunting topic of personal finance accessible and interesting, which speaks to her skills as an orator! Her talk featured actionable steps that youth can take to start managing their money. Most importantly, she was transparent and candid about the pitfalls that can arise during this process and shared some of her own mistakes as a youth. Sandy mentions the importance of “giving back” on her website and she certainly exemplifies this value. We were beyond touched to be gifted with copies of her book “The Money Master” for our attendees. Her generosity will help many youths continue to learn and grow their personal finance skills. We could not have had a better experience working with Sandy and highly recommend her as a speaker.

— Joana N. Mukunzi, Co-Founder, Empowered Together

It was such an amazing opportunity to host Sandy at the BIPOC: Reaching Success in Canada webinar event. She was very professional and gave very good answers to the questions asked as well as advice which I felt resonated with everyone at the webinar event. She also provided very valuable resources which were very helpful. Thank you, Sandy, for doing an amazing job at the event and for giving us the tips we need to reach success in Canada as members of the BIPOC community.

— Tega Okorigba, Believe Impact: Inspire by Example

It was amazing to hear Sandy speak and influence all the young BIPOC professionals out there with her amazing success story. Sandy provided security to our audience with her advice on how to become financially stable and independent. She came in made a point and made an impact for sure! I’d love to continue the chat with her in future events, Sandy is amazing speaker to touch on success, and personal finance journeys.

— Tiamri, Inspire By Example Team

From our first contact, Sandy was extremely easy to work with. Our team was impressed with her professionalism and enthusiasm. She would promptly return our emails to answer any questions or requests we had. When she joined our event, she interacted with attendees and gave great responses to all their questions. Her responses were relatable, heartfelt and moving! Her connection with the attendees was remarkable and uplifting. She had a wonderful way of balancing the seriousness of navigating success as a member of the BIPOC community and joy we need to incorporate into our pursuit of success.

— The Inspire by Example Team, Believe Impact Initiative Program 2022

Sandy was a true professional as a speaker, with prompt communication and designing a talk that would best suit our needs. I hired Sandy to give a lecture at a retirement residence where she taught our residents all about Warren Buffet, his investment profile, and his principles of investing. It was both entertaining and informative for our residents who love to learn. Sandy took the time to explain complicated investing information and made it easy for all to understand and gain something from her talk. Sandy was a pleasure to work with, a talented speaker and a gracious teacher. 

— Emily Selby, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Amica Senior Lifestyles

I had the pleasure of hosting Sandy at our seminar to talk more about investing in today’s uncertainty in the market due to the recent market drop. She brought a breadth of knowledge and professionalism to her presentation which allowed people with little to no experience and even more seasoned investors to learn and re-learn some fundamentals. Her experience and enthusiasm about investing brought out amazing engagement and interaction to our audience. She also presented information that allowed for quick easy actionable steps to turn any beginner to really build a strong portfolio that will last. I had also read her book, The Money Master, and recommending it to anyone who looks to build long-term financial wealth through multiple sources of income! My team looks forward to working with Sandy again in the near future!

—  Stefan Cheung, Co-Founder, The 6 Initiative

​Sandy did an outstanding job simplifying the complicated and often nerve-racking subject of personal finance for our youth audience, in an engaging, personalized way. They left our event with confidence in their abilities to apply the practical concepts and advice that Sandy covered regarding budgeting, in their everyday lives—with a desire to broaden their scope of knowledge even further. All in all, I would recommend Sandy Yong to anyone seeking a speaker who can discuss personal finance thoroughly, clearly, and eloquently, whilst providing actionable, step-by-step tips on how to properly handle money.

— Krish Chopra, Minister of External Affairs,The York Region Presidents' Council

The Money Master is for anybody who would like to gain more insight into how to set themselves up for financial success. I picked this book specifically because I really wanted to learn how to create wealth, especially in Canada. Sandy gives you tangible information and targets every question you probably had about investing. After reading The Money Master I decided to book a one-on-one with Sandy and she was amazing. She gave me very insightful information and helped set my path for financial success. I highly recommend reading The Money Master, booking Sandy to help guide you and tune into her webinars. We’re not taught about how to manage our money in school but it’s never too late to learn how to now.

—  Nadia Sewlall, Paralegal

Sandy did a phenomenal job explaining the concept of budgeting to youth. Her presentation was extremely concise and to the point, which made it very clear to understand. Not to mention, her fun personality certainly made the experience a lot more lively!​

- Thenuja Vipulananthan, Attendee, 

The York Region Presidents' Council General Assembly

The resources on how to start investing were extremely helpful as this is something I find daunting and haven’t spent much time looking into deeper into it. This helped me see it can be really simple!

—  D.K., Student, Sheridan College

It’s easy to put money in a bank but when she said the words, “make money work for you” it really put a few things in perspective. We have a chequing account for bills, but that’s as far as I learned from growing up. People aren’t talking about money as much as they should be. Before you can take advantage of something we have to know what it is. Nobody has introduced investing to me before, but now that I know what is it seems exciting.”

—  B.O., Student, Sheridan College

Setting goals and writing them down and not just saying things verbally makes the idea of purchasing things much more achievable. By using Sandy’s chart, it makes these larger purchases I want to make more manageable.

—  T.P., Student, Sheridan College

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