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Media Mentions
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As an Award-Winning Author and Keynote Speaker, I enjoy sharing my experience and expertise in financial literacy.

If you work for a media outlet and are seeking a personal finance author to provide expertise, please send me an email.

The Money Master Book Launch Party - Highlight Video

Ryerson University Alumni #WhereRUNow interview with Sandy Yong

The Money Master Book Launch Party - Speeches & Speaker Panel 


101: A Beginner's Guide to Life | Personal Finance 101 with Sandy Yong

Burn Your Mortgage Podcast | How to Make Your Money Grow Through Real Estate Investing with Sandy Yong and Albert Ho

Discovering Multifamily Make Your Money Grow, Stay Safe & How To Win The Sales Game With Sandy Yong & Albert Ho​

Empowerment Radio Show Meet Sandy Yong, Award-Winning Author | Keynote Speaker | Financial and Real Estate Investor of The Money Master

Explore FI Canada 037: The Money Master | Sandy Yong

Joney Talks PodcastThe basics of investing in the stock markets (and should you invest in cannabis stocks?) with Sandy

Love & Dividends Podcast Sandy Yong: Financial Freedom with the Millennial Money Master

Mastery Over Money 36. Empowerment Through Personal Finance with Sandy Yong

Mo' Money Podcast by Jessica Moorhouse | [Ep. 215] How to Master Your Money with Sandy Yong

Moolala: Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery The Cost of a Child in Canada

Moolala: Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery | Growing Your Money and Keeping It Safe

RHAA Rewind Podcast | Ep. 5: Sandy Yong

Smart Growth Rocket | Building a 6-figure investment portfolio and making multiple income streams with a Canadian personal finance author

The 6 Initiative Podcast Sandy Yong - Investing During Unprecedented Times - Live Webinar

The Bacon Bits n Bytes Podcast Ep. 028 - How To Master Your Money

The Conversation of Money Podcast Ep 25 - Being a Self-Directed Investor With Sandy Yong

The Equal Partners Podcast From Binkies to Budgets

The MapleMoney ShowSteps You Can Take to Achieve Financial Success, with Sandy Yong

The Personal Finance Show with Beau Humphreys | Episode 84 with Sandy Yong

The Young and Scrappy Podcast | Ep. 013: Investing Tips from a Self-Taught Investor with Sandy Yong

Twelve Minute Convos with Engel Jones | Interview with Sandy Yong

We Travel ThereHelicopter Tour of Toronto, Canada with Sandy

Young Money Podcast | EP 239 The Money Master with Sandy Yong


Ryerson University Alumni Magazine | Summer 2019 Edition - Class Notes

Toastmasters International Paving the Way for Financial Literacy

Toronto Star | This Bell Canada product manager built a six-figure portfolio by age 27. Here are the secrets to her success

The Globe and Mail | Sandy Yong on investing errors and top influencers

The Globe and Mail | Top tax tips for Gen Z to tackle their taxes confidently


Cashflows & Portfolios How to Become The Money Master (Author Q&A and Giveaway!)

Cut The Crap Investing The Money Master book review on the Sunday Reads

Finances On Point Emerging Women in Personal Finance to Watch

Financial Phoenix Rising | Interview w/ Sandy Yong

Global News Got a tax refund? Here’s how you could put it to good use, according to experts

Go Solo Helping women become financially independent with Sandy Yong

GreedyRates | Author Posts - Sandy Yong

GirlBoss | 15 Money-Savvy Women On How They Began Investing (And Why You Should Too)

HERStory ConnectionsHERstory Book of the Week - The Money Master

Modern FImily FIRE Community Guest Interview #22

Park BenchMeet Sandy Yong, Award-Winning Author | Keynote Speaker | Financial and Real Estate Investor of The Money Master

Passionate Bibliophile Interview with Sandy Yong, Author of The Money Master

Personal Finance by Women | Meet Our Members

Mary C. Muduuli | The Book of Hope

MoneySense What a mutual fund flop, part-time jobs and a box of Nerds taught Sandy Yong about managing her money

My Own Advisor The Money Master – Review and Giveaway

Rick Orford Diversifying Passive Income - Ask The Experts - EP-16

The Globe and Mail Three female personal finance influencers to follow

The StartUp GrowthPop Quiz, Monday with Sandy Yong

Toastmasters - District 60 | TM Spotlight - Sandy Yong This Bell Canada product manager built a six-figure portfolio by age 27. Here are the secrets to her success.

vcita | Author - Sandy Yong


580 CFRA: Ottawa at Work with Rosie Edeh | Back-to-school shopping tips with Sandy Yong

CJRU 1280 AM Radio | The Morning Mixtape Interview with Author Sandy Yong in 2019

CJRU 1200 AM RadioThe Morning Mixtape Interview: Sandy Yong, The Money Master in 2020

Prime Time Money Show | Learning about Real Estate Investing with Sandy Yong

QR Calgary 770AM & 107FM: Mornings with Sue & Andy | Cost of Raising Kids

SiriusXM - Channel 167 - Moolala | Growing Your Money and Keeping It Safe

The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll | Looking to save money this back-to-school season?

The Women's Hour The Women's Hour Sandy Yong


CTV News | Coping with higher interest rates

CTV News | Personal finances for 2023

Global News As inflation surges, Canadians find creative ways to save, cut costs

Global National | Sticker Shock: Coping with the rising cost of inflation

Global National How to save on clothes, electronics for back-to-school amid high inflation



Book Reviews

Canadian Budget 14 Best Personal Finance Books Written by Canadian Women

Goodreads Book Giveaway For The Money Master

Hardbacon Top 30 Canadian Personal Finance Books for 2022

IndieReader | Book Review of The Money Master

Joney Talks My 2019 in Books and a 6-Months Review of Audible | Book Recommendations 

La Nouvelle Tribune How to Manage Your Personal Finances Smarter

Makin' the BaconThe Money Master Book Review + GIVEAWAY!

Million Dollar Journey Best Finance and Investing Books

Modest Millionaires What I would have done differently on my FI journey

MoneySense New year, new money habits: 5 personal finance books for a fresh start

Money We Have The Top Personal Finance Books for Canadians

Next Generation Indie Book Awards | Winners and Finalists 2020

Savvy New Canadians 15 Best Canadian Personal Finance Books You Should Read This Year

Tawcan Awesome Personal Finance, Financial Independence, and Mindfulness Books

Women's Money | 20 Personal Finance Women To Celebrate For International Women's Day

Budgeting 7 Useful Budgeting Tips for First-Year College Students

PolicyMe Budgeting 101: Creating a Budget (And How to Stick to It!)

Scotiabank How to recession proof your finances: Millennial tips for Gen Zs

The Balance Top Passive Income Ideas

The Financially Independent Millennial How to Make a Budget: 7 Simple Mind-Blowing Tips

The Good Men Project How to Make a Budget: 7 Simple Mind-Blowing Tips

Couples & Marriage

Apartment Therapy What You Need to Know About Marriage and Money

Bustle11 Surprising Ways Couples Tend To Waste Money

CTV NewsRebelling against wedding norms is the manifesto for 'anti-brides' — and the movement is growing

College & Early Adulthood

BNN Bloomberg How students can strategize to when applying for scholarship applications

Budgets Made EasyThe Best Need-to-Know Financial Advice for Managing Your Money in Your 20s

CityNews How students can strategize to when applying for scholarship applications

Discover The First Five Years After College: Money​

The Globe and Mail How students can strategize to when applying for scholarship applications

Yahoo! Sports How Much Does It Cost for College Test Preparation and Is It Worth It?

Career & Women
Authority Magazine Author Sandy Yong: “How Busy Leaders Create Equilibrium or Balance Between Their Work and Family Lives”

BizBash | 8 Ways to Be an Effective Speaker

Creative Click Media What Does It Mean to Be a Successful Woman in Business? 2019 Edition

Financial Impulse How to Negotiate Your Salary

FitSmallBusinessTop 30 Sales Quotes from the World’s Sales Pros

GoBankingRates Why Women Need To Plan for Retirement Differently Than Men

OppLoans3 Steps to Build Women and Girls’ Financial Confidence

SmartAsset Salary Needed to Live Comfortably in the 25 Largest Metro Areas – 2022 Study

UpJourney 19 Best Business Books for Women (To Read in 2019)

What Can I Do ?Telework 101 for employees: 20+ experts one tip


CEO Blog Nation | 24 Entrepreneurs Explain the Best Traits of an Effective Leader

FemFounder "As an entrepreneur, you have to keep persevering and fail forward fast" with Sandy Yong

Maroon Oak Virtual meetings for entrepreneurs – 14 ways to host & stand out!

NFAA | Expert Round-Up: What is Your Favorite Social Media Outlet and How Do You Use It To Engage Your Audience?


American Century Investments 6 Tips for Beginning Investing From Seasoned Investors

Ask Finny6 Essential Tips for Investing in a Recession

Coast Capital Savings | Why it's important to invest with a goal

Credit Donkey Best Online Brokerage

Disruptor DailyWhat Trends Are Shaping Investing In 2019? 17 Experts Share Their Insights​

DrWealth How To Invest In A Post-COVID-19 World – 45 Financial Experts Weigh In

Fupping 14 Books To Read On Investing In 2019

Medium8 Best Ways: To Start Investing in Stocks and ETF’s

My Financial Counsel7 Keys to Finding a Financial Advisor You Can Trust

Remitly A Beginner’s Investment Guide: What You Need to Know about Investing Money in 2021

Mental Health

Authority MagazineMental Health Champions

Thrive GlobalSandy Yong: “Find a support network that will be there for you during times of need”

Money Management

Any Credit Tips For Using A Budget To Meet Financial Goals

CCNMore Money in 2020: Analysts Recommend 3 Simple Resolutions to Increase Net Worth in Uncertain Times

Forbes | The Dangerous Rise Of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Offers

Global News Inflation, interest rates, recession? Poll finds these Canadians are worrying the most

GoBanking Rates Beyond New Year’s Resolutions: What People Plan To Do With Their Money This Year

GoBankingRates 15 Ways To Save on a Holiday Meal, Even If You Don’t Want To Cook

GoBankingRates How To Get Free Money: 21 Ways

GoBankingRates How To Determine Your New ‘Financial Normal’ After the Pandemic

Lending Club Do You Know Your Financial Values?

MapleMoney Canadian Money Tips to Be Thankful For [Expert Roundup]

OppU 12 Financial Resolutions for the 2021 New Year

PolicyMe Canadians & Money 2021-2022: 70% Say Canada Is Becoming Unaffordable [Study]

Reader's Digest 15 Things You Won’t Hear Money Experts Say

The Financially Independent Millennial Personal Finance Tips: An Anthology To Review And Bookmark in 2021

Yahoo! Finance Mortgage, debt, investing: Where you should put extra cash


Parents Magazine 6 Strategies Real Parents Use to Manage the Cost of Child Care

Parents Magazine How to Teach Kids About Money Before High School

Real Estate

AOL Should You Purchase a House With a Friend?

Kin Insurance Airbnb Host Checklist: Get Your Condo to Stand Out

Materials Market 40 Financial Experts Reveal If Investing In Real Estate Is Worth It

Property Reporter Should You Purchase a House With a Friend?

The Financially Independent Millennial 14 Best Tips: How to Invest in Real Estate When You’re Young


AOL Why Women Need To Plan for Retirement Differently Than Men

Best Company4 Ways College Students Can Save for Retirement

NBC NewsMillennials are determined to retire early. Here's how they can actually pull it off.

News Break Why Women Need To Plan for Retirement Differently Than Men

Oslon Wealth Group Why Women Need To Plan for Retirement Differently Than Men

Work+Money 16 Financial Flubs That Can Wreck Your Retirement


GoBankingRates Fun Money Games To Try If You’re Struggling With Saving

GoBankingRates 4 Fastest Ways To Save $5K, According To Experts

GoBankingRates 8 Ways To Save $100 in April

House of Debt Why Is Saving Money Important? 9 Reasons To Save Money

The Network Journal How to Thrive Even When Money’s Tight

The Penny Hoarder44 Legit Ways to Save Money Fast (Even if You’re Awful at Saving)

Yahoo! Finance Fun Money Games To Try If You’re Struggling With Saving

Yahoo! Finance How To Save $5,000 in 6 Months

Yahoo! Sports 8 Ways To Save $100 in April

Apartment Therapy 3 Places Where Financial Experts Love to Buy Rugs

Best Life How to Save Money on Cable and Streaming Services

Finance Care Services 13 Financial Experts Share Their Tips to Experience a Debt-Free Holiday

Financial Impulse Is LASIK Eye Surgery Worth It?
Global News How to save on clothes, electronics for back-to-school amid high inflation

Global News As inflation runs hot, Canadians plan to cool spending on holiday gifts: poll

GoBanking Rates 8 Free or Low-Cost Hobbies To Take Up During January, National Hobby Month

GoBanking Rates How To Do All Your Holiday Shopping for Less Than $100

GoBankingRates Experts Reveal How to Get a Discount Every Time at Your Fave Stores

GoBankingRates | Best Subscription Boxes To Start in 2021

Ladders Experts Reveal How to Get a Discount Every Time at Your Fave Stores

Money123 - Global News |  Economic anxiety bubbles over, debt costs surge, credit card fees hit snagMSN Money 8 Secrets Real People Use to Cut Costs at Target, Whole Foods and More Stores

Neo Financial | Earn cashback by supporting local businesses

Yahoo! Finance8 Secrets Real People Use to Cut Costs at Home Depot, Target, Whole Foods and More Essential Stores

Yahoo! Finance Best Subscription Boxes To Start in 2021

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