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Writing & Consulting

Looking for an experienced writer that understands how to speak to a diverse Millennial audience? 

I am a freelance writer focusing on personal finance and investing topics. My work has appeared on a variety of sites including MoneySense, Mydoh,,  MoneyGenius, Tangerine and Vcita.

Do you need help with comparing financial products and services? With my keen research and analytical skills, I can help with providing an unbiased approach to educating consumers about the latest products available in today's market.

Too busy to write your own material? You can count on me for providing discreet and professional ghostwriting services.

Here is a sample of what I have written:

Let me help you on your next written piece or project.

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Writing & Consulting
Brand Partnerships
Brand Partnerships

Looking to reach a Gen X & Y professional audience interested in investing in the stock market, real estate and entrepreneurship?

I offer custom sponsorship opportunities on my website, email newsletter, and social media channels.

The Money Master has worked with financial institutions and companies including: Burn Your Mortgage, CIBC, EQ Bank, Goodreads, Neo Financial, RE/MAX Hallmark DG Group Realty, TurboTax and more. 

Let’s explore a mutually beneficial partnership to help individuals become Money Masters.

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