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The Money Master Book


The topic of money makes many people feel anxious and overwhelmed. And they often manage their finances based on these emotions, not confidence and knowledge. If that’s where you find yourself, The Money Master can help you take charge of your financial situation. Author Sandy Yong gives you the tools you need to be a clear-sighted investor. Drawing from her own background and passion for investing, she strips away the jargon and shares common-sense principles for making your money grow.

In workbook form, The Money Master takes you step by step through a system for mastering your finances and puts you on the road to financial prosperity. Transform your outlook on money to think like a wealthy person—the results will follow! Replace your old money habits with new ones that help you reach your goals. Discover ways to protect your wealth. Consider where to put your money, whether it’s the stock market, real estate or your own business, to achieve financial freedom. With Sandy’s sage advice, you can become a Money Master today!
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Deal with feelings of intimidation, embarrassment, and being overwhelmed when managing your money. The Money Master will show you how you can improve your financial situation by using various strategies on investing. Whether you are interested in becoming a real estate guru, earn money in the stock market or start your own business, this book shows you a powerful system to achieve your financial goals.


By reading The Money Master, you will learn strategies to start investing TODAY and earn MULTIPLE streams of income in a smart and safe way! 

  • Train your brain to have a millionaire mindset.

  • Develop healthy and wealthy habits.

  • Balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s wants.

  • Take control of your financial future and get the lifestyle you deserve.

  • Find out what women have never been told about financial advice.

  • Learn the inside secrets to protecting your wealth.

  • Discover words of wisdom from financial experts.

  • Create your own financial portfolio and have money work for you.

  • Earn money in real estate.

  • Be your own boss by starting your own business.​​​


During the creation of The Money Master, I interviewed industry experts including:

Mark Noble,

Senior Vice President, ETF Strategy of Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc.

Ellen Roseman, Personal Finance Columnist of The Toronto Star,

Author of Fight Back

Steve Chan,

Vice President of Investor Relations

& Corporate Communications of The Supreme Cannabis Company​

Gloria Yeung,

Broker of, 

Top 1 % of Toronto Downtown Realtors, 

#1 Producer Realty., 2018

Sam Kazen

Barrister & Solicitor of Hamburg Olson Kazen Law Professional Corporation

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