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"Becoming Financially Independent"

About Sandy

“Everyone should learn about personal finance so that their future self can thank them for it.”

Sandy Yong is a TEDx and keynote speaker and award-winning author of the intriguing and informative book The Money Master: Inside Secrets On How to Make Your Money Grow and Stay Safe.

Achieving her business degree during the economic recession, Sandy promptly paid off her student loan and started working in the corporate world. Soon she realized that she needed to save her hard-earned money and look into various investment options to achieve her financial goals. She wanted the ability to buy a car, have her dream wedding, save for a house, go on a vacation and ultimately retire!


Like most people, she approached (naively and in earnest) one of the big banks and purchased high-fee, high-risk mutual funds. For a while, the funds did very well, but soon after lost thousands. Naturally, she was very frustrated and upset. From that moment, she took matters into her own hands and committed to learning how to invest her money on her own terms. One of her friends recommended that she read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad  — that advice inspired Sandy to read a plethora of personal finance books.


Sandy made it her business over the past decade to read dozens of personal finance and investing books. As a result, she has become a respected DIY investor with a personal online brokerage account, successfully creating a six-figure portfolio and ownership of several Canadian properties.


As a proud and seasoned member of Toastmasters International, Sandy has honed her professional speaking skills. She blends her passion for personal finance with powerful professional speaking to educate adults on financial literacy.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Sandy Yong in The Money Master, on this website, in other forums are solely her own and are meant for educational purposes. It should not be considered financial or legal advice.

Want to create multiple streams of income?

In today's society where living costs are soaring and housing prices are skyrocketing, it's becoming challenging to keep up with living expenses, let alone save up for a nice vacation or even retirement. It's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by managing your money. 

The Money Master teaches a step-by-step plan on how individuals can overcome their fears and failures and on track to achieve financial success. With these tools, you can take control of your financial future and live the life you deserve! 

What You'll Learn from The Money Master

The topic of money makes many people feel anxious and overwhelmed. And they often manage their finances based on these emotions, not confidence and knowledge.  If that’s where you find yourself, The Money Master can help you take charge of your financial situation. Author Sandy Yong gives you the tools you need to be a clear-sighted investor. Drawing from her own background and passion for investing, she strips away the jargon and shares common-sense principles for making your money grow. In workbook form, The Money Master takes you step by step through a system for mastering your finances and puts you on the road to financial prosperity. Transform your outlook on money to think like a wealthy person—the results will follow! Replace your old money habits with new ones that help you reach your goals. Discover ways to protect your wealth. Consider where to put your money, whether it’s the stock market, real estate or your own business, to achieve financial freedom. With Sandy’s sage advice, you can become a Money Master today! 

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Jonathan Verhaeghe.jpg

Jonathan Verhaeghe,

Personal Finance Blogger and host of the Joney Talks Podcast

Thanks Sandy for pouring your heart and soul into this practical "Personal Finance 101" book. I found the format easy and accessible to anyone wanting to get started with their finances. It covers the basics and much more: mindset, habits, goals and dreams! I also learned a lot from the financial experts featured in the book on recent hot topics such as cryptocurrencies or even the more controversial cannabis stocks. This book will surely be a classic and inspiration for generations to come.

Vanessa Smith.jpg

Vanessa Smith, CPA, Money Expert & Founder of Mint Worthy 

Wow. In a time like today where people want things NOW, this book delivers the quick and easy fundamentals of wealth creation. I loved how Sandy started the conversation with money mindset, which is key to lasting financial independence!

Beau 2019 Headshot PNG.png

Beau Humphreys, Personal Finance Coach and Host of The Personal Finance Show podcast

Thank you Sandy for distilling what you've learned about personal finance over the years into an easy-to-read book containing actionable items. We need to keep discussing money topics openly and honestly so that everyone has an opportunity to find the personal finance voice that speaks to them.

tracey nguyen.jpg

Tracey Nguyen, 

The information you will find in this book is practical, fantastic and amazing. I love how Sandy has an entire chapter on women and their money’s mindset. As a female entrepreneur whose mission is to help grow female entrepreneurship and empower women to take control of their financial success, I specifically enjoy reading this book and definitely recommend this to any boss woman who is trying to take their income and their business to new heights with financial management.

Barry fullsizeoutput_277f (1).jpeg

Barry Spilchuk, Coauthor

A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul 

So many people struggle to keep their hard earned money. Deploying the strategies in this book can help conserve your capital and grow it with confidence. It’s rare to find such honest advice in such an accessible format. This book will surely be a classic and inspire future generations.

Kaila The Money Edit.JPG

Kaila Pilecki,

founder of The Money Edit

Sandy’s tough love style of practical life-changing advice highlights how you can manage your emotions around money while building passive income streams and becoming a millionaire. This book is easy to read and understand with tons of great content to help you get rich! 


Urgen Kuyee, Personal Finance Blogger of Passionate Bibliophile

Anyone who's ever wanted to be able to manage their money confidently can benefit from the practical knowledge in this book. 


Millie Leung,

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and International Speaker

Sandy provides us with a blueprint and practical tools to build our house of wealth. A must read if you want to transform your financial future.

Moakler John J..jpg

John J. Moakler, Jr.,

BMath,CFP, CLU, 

Bestselling Author, 

Heal Thy Wealth

Powerful, practical and solid advice on mastering your money with confidence. Apply Sandy Yong’s knowledge and you’ll feel much more bullet-proof.

Fo Alexander Headshot_edited_edited.png

Faneisha Alexander, Editor and Creator of 


This book offers a very practical, common sense approach to getting your finances in order. Sandy provides simple tools for making a big impact!

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