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Professional Services

Professional Services

Financial Coaching

If you are looking for help in managing your finances, I offer high-quality financial coaching to positively impact on my clients’ financial future. I understand what my clients' needs are. I guide them through a step-by-step plan to achieve their goals, including setting financial goals, creating a budget and providing accountability. I help to ensure that money isn't draining out of your pockets and you are protecting your wealth.

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Keynote Speaking

As a Professional Keynote Speaker, I enjoy educating individuals on financial literacy. I am passionate about teaching people various topics including:

  •  How to create your own self-directed financial portfolio.

  • How to earn money in real estate.

  • How to start your own business.

  • Personal finance advice for female investors.

  • How to protect your assets and your loved ones.

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Are you struggling to keep up with living expenses with soaring living costs? Are you looking to retire but can’t seem to put the money aside? Does managing your money overwhelm you? Learn how to overcome your fears and failures! Get on track to achieve financial success TODAY. Learn how to:

  • Take control of your emotions when managing your money.

  • Master the millionaire mindset. 

  • Learn and implement wealthy habits.

  • Learn how to create multiple streams of income.

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“Sandy Yong’s mission is to get her audience to achieve financial success and to build a healthy financial portfolio. On your own, investing and saving can be overwhelming. Sandy was able to layout her program in a language anyone can understand and is applicable to everyone, no matter what their financial experience is.  With her high energy and enthusiasm, she motivated the audience to start working towards financial success through savings and investments.  In her presentation, she got me to think critically and to incorporate the tips provided in her program to my own financial portfolio. She is a confident, driven and real-life Money Master. I would recommend this program because the expertise Sandy Yong provides is knowledge everyone must know.” 

—  Erica Ihn, Data Analyst at Health Quality Ontario